School of Medicine Postdoctoral Fellow Stipend Procedure

Approval of Training Programs:

  1. Grant-supported training programs are reviewed by sponsors and the Office of Grants and Contracts.  No further review is required.
  2. Training programs supported by non-grant funds are reviewed and approved by Steven Wasserman, PhD, Assistant Dean for Research.  For approval, fill in the application form, “Request for Recognition of Training Program,” found at: and scan and email it to  Dr. Wasserman will notify the Principal Investigator of approval or disapproval.  Trainees may not be appointed before approval is obtained. 

Appointing Fellows and Requesting Stipends on Sponsored and Approved Non-sponsored Training Grants 

  1. Duty of Funding Organization (if different from the Primary Organization):  Notify the postdoctoral fellow’s mentor and department administrator of the approval of the fellowship award.  Awards are contingent on satisfactory completion of a PRS background check.  Research Associates accepting a fellowship who have already had a background check and no break in service do not need an additional one.

  2. Duties of Primary and Funding Organization (Resources for the following steps are on the SOM HR website at:

a)   Submit a SysAid ticket for a fellowship appointment letter and background check, including the background check PTAO, CV, start and end dates, supervisor, duties, and stipend amounts.
b)    Using the Oracle Award Manager responsibility, ensure that the dates of the appointment fall within the start and end dates of the Project, Task, and Award on which the stipend will be paid.  If necessary, extend the Project/Task/Award funding dates by filing an SP23 via the SOM Grants and Contracts office.
c)    If applicable, confirm supplemental stipend support from the Chair or Director of the organization.  (Federal training grants may not be supplemented with federal grants.)
d)    Upon receipt of the fellow's acceptance, your HR Generalist will enter the fellow's data into Oracle as either a postdoctoral or non-doctoral fellow on a non-paid faculty appointment.
e)    Complete the Fellowship Pay Data Form and the Fellowship Disclosure Statement and obtain signatures.  Ensure that the PTAO(s) on the Pay Data Form are accurate (no R01, SG or YY Awards) and are active for the fellowship stipend period.  Once the stipend is set up, SOM HR cannot change PTAOs.  Corrections will be made by the department through Oracle cost transfers.
f)    If fellow is a not a US citizen, obtain copies of DS 2019 form or green card.
g)    Ask fellow to fill out Postdoctoral Fellow Direct Deposit Form.
h)    By the 20th of the month prior to the start of the fellowship and after the background check has cleared, upload the fellowship packet to SysAid. The packet includes:   

i.    A copy of the signed (accepted) appointment letter;
ii.    Fellow’s CV;
iii.    Fellowship Pay Data form;
iv.    Fellowship Disclosure Statement;
v.    Postdoctoral Fellow Direct Deposit Form; and
vi.    A copy of the DS 2019 form or green card (when applicable).

Reappointing Post-Doctoral Fellows

All post-doctoral fellows should be reappointed annually.  Submit a SysAid ticket for a reappointment letter and upload the UVA Fellowship Pay Data form, Fellowship Disclosure Statement, and DS 2019 form or green card (when applicable) by the 20th of the month prior to the reappointment date.

Cancelling Stipend Payments (when a fellow is leaving UVA or terminating fellowship status):

  1. Photocopy the fellow’s original, approved “UVA Fellowship Pay Data” form.
  2. Complete the bottom section by entering the termination date and the amount by which the stipend should be reduced.
  3. Obtain the signature of the fellow’s mentor.
  4. Upload  the form and a copy of the fellow’s resignation letter to SysAid.

Obtaining Approval for Postdoctoral Fellow Health Insurance Enrollment

The Primary or Funding Organization determines whether the fellow requires UVA Aetna postdoctoral fellow health insurance.  If the fellow requires health insurance, request approval for enrollment by following the steps on the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs website at: