Health Insurance Enrollment for Postdoctoral Fellows

Health Insurance Enrollment Procedure for Postdoctoral Fellows

1. Prior to the start of the fellowship, the Research Administrator (or other designee) completes the online form with PTAO and enrollee information for the Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR) which tracks and charges premiums.  If the request includes coverage beyond the postdoctoral fellow (e.g., postdoc+spouse, etc.), please complete two online forms. The first should include PTAO information for the postdoctoral fellow, and the second should include PTAO information for the additional coverage (i.e., spouse, children, family).  Charges will be made monthly to the Departments for grant PTAOs and quarterly for non-grant PTAOs. Billing questions should be directed to Phil Trella at

2. After receiving e-mail confirmation of Step 1, the Research Administrator (or other designee) instructs the Postdoctoral Fellow to complete the necessary insurance enrollment forms fund at

All enrollment related questions should be directed to UHR by calling 434-982-0123 or email to

The Fellow must:

  • submit the completed forms to the University Human Resources Benefits Division, 914 Emmet Street, within 30 days of the start date of the fellowship;
  • complete a spousal affidavit to enroll a spouse.

3. The Research Administrator (or other designee) must notify Phil Trella at of any change in status (e.g. change in grant number, family status, termination, renewal). Absent any information concerning a change in status, the postdoctoral fellow will receive a termination notice prior to the appointment end date specified in the online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

The total amount of the grant was cut. Will VPR subsidize postdoc fellow health insurance to compensate for this loss?

We did not request enough funds to cover health insurance, even though the full cost was an allowable charge. Will VPR cover the difference?
No. VPR expects principal investigators to request sufficient monies from the funding source in preparing budgets to cover the full cost of health insurance when allowed. Please see Step 1 of the “Enrollment Procedure.”

Our funding source is a private gift, and allowable charges are not specified. Budgeting is entirely at the department’s discretion. Are we responsible for the full cost of postdoc health insurance? Principal investigators and departments are expected to budget for the full cost of postdoc fellow health insurance. 

The postdoc did not submit the necessary forms to the Benefits Division within 30 days of the fellowship start date. Can s/he still enroll in the plan? Yes, but s/he must wait until the Open Enrollment period, which typically occurs in November to go into effect the following January.