New Horizons Travel Grants

To address the need for Postdocs to explore new areas in research, scholarship, and career development, the Office of the Vice President for Research supports the New Horizons Travel Grants, a program that will provide up to ten postdoc reviewed grants in 2017-2018 of up to $1000 each to postdocs who wish to explore new areas, obtain additional training, and/or to participate in conferences that may be out of the mainstream of their current work.

The reviews for these awards are conducted entirely by postdocs, using the following criteria:

1.       The award should be used to obtain additional training, or to add experience and contacts necessary for expanding opportunities in research or scholarship to new areas (new areas must be substantially different from the current area of research, think of this as expanding into a new field or discipline and not just a different branch of your current field or discipline). Be sure to explain why this opportunity is unique for you and how you cannot get the same type of training or experience here at UVa.

2.       The training, presentation, networking, or exploration proposed should be related to career objectives.

3.       There should be no other known means for support. These awards are not substitutes for regular travel to present at research conferences in the fellow’s current area of expertise

4.       Travel must occur after the submission deadline and within the time frame proposed in the original application for travel. Changes in proposed travel will result in a forfeiture of the award. 


Eligibility and Funding Guidelines:

  • Applicants must be current Postdoctoral Fellows or Postdoctoral Research Associates at the University of Virginia at the time of application and at the time of travel.
  • If you have been successfully awarded a New Horizons Travel Grant in a previous application cycle, you are no longer eligible for consideration.
  • Recipients of the New Horizons Travel Grant will access their award by way of expense reimbursement from University funds. All travel must comply with Federal guidelines and will need to be processed using U.Va.’s Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services Travel Reimbursement form. Travelers have 30 days from completion of travel to submit all appropriate reimbursement forms. Please make sure you review the most recent travel and expense polices and resources prior to travel for any questions you may have about your planned trip. We will provide specific details on how to access your award once the recipients are announced.
  • Awards must be used for the specific opportunity proposed in the original application. Funds may not be split or transferred to additional opportunities.
  • Proposed travel must occur within 9 months of the submission cycle and all awardees are required to submit a 1-page summary of their experience within 2 weeks of returning from their travel to


The submission deadline for the current review cycle is 11:59 pm EST on Friday, January 5, 2018.

Applicants should submit a one-page written statement that provides details on the specific opportunity (where, when, how long, etc.) and addresses the criteria outlined above, in addition to a budget and a current CV through the application system here:

Postdocs interested in serving on the interdisciplinary selection committee should send a note indicating their interest to