Join the Postdoc Peer Network

We are excited to introduce a new program called the Postdoc Peer Network where we will connect current postdocs with incoming postdocs in order to provide support and guidance to incoming postdocs that may be unfamiliar with UVa and Charlottesville.

We are seeking current postdocs for the Postdoc Peer Network!

Opportunities include:

  • Welcoming new postdocs via email to UVa and Charlottesville.
  • Being available to answer questions of incoming postdocs via email or phone.
  • Leading a tour of new (and current) postdocs around grounds to point out various locations of interest.
  • Taking an incoming postdoc to coffee or lunch (our office will reimburse you)!

Time requirements are based solely on your schedule and availability. The Office of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs will provide training and support.

We are still accepting interested postdocs to this program. If you are interested in providing peer support to fellow postdocs, please contact me via email ( We will have our first training/meeting the first week of October. Please let me know soon if you are interested!