Congratulations to our 2015 Postdoctoral Research Symposium Winners!

Platform Talks Awards:

1st Place: Josh Inouye (Biomedical Engineering)

Towards eliminating speech impediments in children with cleft palates using computer simulation

2nd Place: Sanja Arandjelovic (School of Medicine)

Cell clearance regulator ELMO1 is a novel therapeutic target in Rheumatoid Arthritis

3rd Place: Stacy Malaker (Chemistry)

Identification and characterization of tumor-specific glycopeptides for the development of novel cancer immunotherapeutics

4th Place: Kelley Fanto Deetz (Office of Diversity and Equity)

Bound to the Fire: Virginia’s Enslaved Cooks and Their Kitchens


Poster Presentation Awards:

Antoine Louveau (Neuroscience)

Structural and functional features of the central nervous system lymphatics

Darwin Operario (Infectious Diseases)

Correlation between diarrhea severity and oocyst count via quantitative PCR or fluorescence microscopy in experimental cryptosporidiosis in calves

Anthony Filiano (Neuroscience)

An unexpected role for interferon-y, a key anti-viral cytokine, in maintaining proper neuronal connectivity and social behavior

Abhinav Arneja (Pathology)

Red blood cell alloimmunization induced by storage requires interleukin-6 signaling on CD4+T cells

Tabitha Wurster (Curry School of Education)

Adolescent well-being and the contextual effect of income

Sharad Bhagat (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Superhydrophobic microtextured polycarbonate surfaces