New York Academy of Sciences picks U.Va. Postdoc Eusebio Pires to Participate in the Journey through Science Day!

Congratulations go out to U.Va.'s Dr. Eusebio Pires, a research scientist from the School of Medicine Department of Cell Biology in the Lab of Professor John C. Herr, for being selected to attend the Journey Through Science Day to be hosted by the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) and PepsiCo

On December 9, 2013 the NYAS and PepsiCo will host a special Journey through Science Day at the Academy's headquarters in New York City. Fifty exceptional students and early career scientists (MS, PhD, postdoc) were selected for this unique opportunity to interact with PepsiCo's R&D leadership, to learn about their efforts to develop products rooted in science-based nutrition, and to get an exclusive glimpse of how science has shaped their careers. Additionally, each participant was invited to present a poster on their research to highlight and share their own activities and interests with PepsiCo.

Eusebio, better known as EZ was selected for his work titled, "Immunotoxin to Cell Surface Associated Oocyte-SAS1B Protein Kills Uterine Cancer Cells". SAS1B, a cell membrane metalloprotease is normally expressed only in oocytes of secondary follicles in ovaries. However its expression is also seen in tumors such as uterine, ovarian, pancreas, renal, head & neck and it thus offers a candidate cell-surface target for development of a therapeutic tumor-selective antibody that is directed only to the tumor and an expendable population of mature oocytes. According to Pepsico and NYAS, they chose EZ's work because "The project undertaken amalgamates basic research findings that could be used in clinical settings for better diagnosis and treatment of patients who test positive for SAS1B expression in their tumors. In conjunction with a companion diagnostic, targeted immunotherapies to SAS1B may provide an approach for personalized medicine for SAS1B positive tumors. This strategy truly fits in the mandate of the organizers of this renowned meeting where innovation through science and technology, better understanding of human diseases and resolving society’s current challenge of improving global health via innovation in translational medicine. All in all, aims towards ‘science for the betterment of society’."