Health Insurance Change: Biometric Screening Information

In order to save $40/month on your health insurance (Fellows will personally pay this as well as Research Associates), you will need to 1) make an appointment for a biometric screening on the 8th or 14th of January or have your personal physician complete a "physician screening form by March 1st; and 2) fill out an online health risk assessment.

From UHR Benefits:
UVa Benefits has arranged an on-site opportunity, specifically for research associates/postdoctoral fellows, to complete the biometric screenings on-grounds.  If these screening dates are not convenient for you, you can instead complete a "physician screening form".  See attached document for further details.   The on-grounds screenings will be held January 8th and January 14th, 2014 from 7-11 am in Jordan Hall, Rooms G1 and G2. You must make an appointment in advance for these screenings:  It is recommended that you fast for 8 hours prior to receiving your screening.

Please note:
*You can make your appointment and have your screening prior to receiving your Aetna ID card.
*You must have your Aetna ID card on hand in order to complete the Aetna on-line assessment.
*Your covered spouse/child does not have to complete a biometric screening.

To sign up for WorkMed's biometric screening:
1)  click on this website: which will take you to the "Hoo's Well Health and Wellness" page.
2)  on the left-hand side of the page, under "Appointment Locator, Select Location," click the down arrow and highlight "Jordan Hall:  Rooms G1 & G2."
3)  on the January 2014 calendar (still on the left-hand side of the page), you may click on Wednesday, 1/8/14, or Tuesday 1/14/14, depending on which day is most convenient for you.
4)  click on either day and you will see a list of available times on the right-hand side of the page.
5)  click on the "Book it" tab beside the time that you would like to come to Jordan Hall G1 and G2 for your appointment.
6) click "New User" in answer to the question "Are you a new or returning user?"
7) Fill in your name, phone, and email address information, click "Finalize Appointment," and follow the instructions.