Oral Presentation Awards:

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Best Oral Presentation: Janine Oostenbroek (Psychology)
 “Preschoolers respond positively to displays of forgiveness”

Physical Sciences and Engineering Best Oral Presentation: Jeffrey Myers (Chemistry)
“Development of a Molybdemnum Dearomatization Agent”

Life Sciences Best Oral Presentation: Austin Keeler (Biology)
“High dimensional analysis of somatosensory development” 

Poster Presentation Awards:

Yizhan Guo (Department of Surgery)
“Microbiome-Dependent Differences in Lung Allograft Rejection”

Abdeltawab Hendawi (Department of Computer Science)
“Smart and Perosnalized Routing for Smart Cities”

Daniel Shedd (Center for Applied Biomechanics)
“Development of a High-Throughput Mouse Model of Mild TBI from Dynamic Head Rotation”