Employment and Benefits


Information pertaining to employment and benefits for postdocs varies depending upon one's classification.  At UVa postdocs are grouped into the following two categories depending on the nature of their affiliation with the university. 

Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellow is the title given to postdocs who are funded through sources such as training grants, external foundations, foreign governments, or a different primary employer (e.g. foreign hospital), and who choose to carry out their training and research at the University of Virginia.  In many such cases, due to the requirements of the funding source (e.g. NIH training grant) as well as University regulations, fellows cannot be considered U.Va. employees, but they are fully affiliated with the university and the postdoctoral community.  

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research Associate is the title given to postdocs who are affiliated with the university as employees.  In these cases the source of funds does not restrict direct payment/employment from the university.  Postdoctoral research associates are part of the University's Professional Research Staff (PRS).  Other categories of the Professional Research Staff include Research Scientists, Senior Scientists, and Principal Scientists.  
While we strive to maintain consistency in benefits for both employee and non-employee postdocs, this distinction does create some differences between the two categories, which are outlined where relevant in the sections below.  For a quick reference, please refer to the Professional Research Staff benefits information offered by University Human Resources.


Salary/Stipend and Taxes

Research Associates

As employees of the university, Postdoctoral Research Associates are supported through salary.  Compensation for Research Associates is governed by the University’s Wage Authorization document, which is updated annually. The salary range established by the Wage Authorization for 2019-2020 is $47,476 to $77,600.


Postdoctoral Fellows

Compensation for Postdoctoral Fellows is governed by the agency providing funding, and therefore varies based on the source of funds. FY2019 stipend levels for the National Research Service Award (NRSA) are:

Years of Post-Graduate Experience



















There are federal and state tax differences between salaried postdoctoral Research Associates and postdoctoral Fellows receiving a stipend. The National Postdoctoral Association has created an “Overview of Tax Issues for Postdocs,” which provides information on tax withholding, reporting fellowship income, filing estimated taxes, FICA, self-employment tax and taxes for the international postdoc.

Tax Issues for Postdocs from National Postdoc Association


Health Insurance

All postdocs are eligible for enrollment in the UVa Health Plan.  Please note that sponsoring offices or departments are responsible for initiating the enrollment of full-time postdoctoral fellows into this plan, and for notifying Robin Silva at [email protected] when a fellow is no longer eligible for coverage.

Information on monthly premiums for postdocs is located here.



Specific leave benefits for Research Associates may be found in the policy governing members of the Professional Research Staff (PRS). 


Other Benefits

The following benefits are provided to postdocs, depending on their classification as salaried Research Associates or Fellows receiving a stipend. UVA Human Resources maintains complete information on the benefits provided to Postdoctoral Research Associates (employees) and Postdoctoral Fellows (receiving stipends). Benefits counselors are available to answer all questions about benefits. For Research Associates, please call 434-982-0123 for assistance.  Postdoctoral Fellows should consult their department’s Research Administrator or the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs prior to contacting the UHR Benefits Office.

Benefit Postdoctoral Research Associates Postdoctoral Fellows
Health & dental (individual) Yes (with cost to postdoc) Yes (with cost to postdoc)
Health & dental insurance (dependents) Yes (with cost to postdoc) Yes (with cost to postdoc) or dependent upon funding source & availability
Disability Yes Yes
Life insurance Yes Yes
Retirement Yes No



Student Loan Deferral

Some student loans from U.S. lending institutions may be eligible for payment deferral during your postdoctoral training.

Lending agencies may differ in their deferral requirements. The lender, not the University of Virginia, will make the final determination regarding whether your loan is eligible for payment deferral.  If you determine that your loan is eligible for deferment during your postdoctoral training, please obtain the appropriate forms and documentation from your lender and contact [email protected] for any required verification or authorization. 


Education Benefit

Interested in getting a degree or academic certificate? Have a conference you’d like to attend related to your work? The University of Virginia’s Education Benefit enables you to do these things with UVA financial support.

For detailed information about the process, benefit approval, eligibility, appeals, and other specific information related to the Education Benefit and its components, visit this link: https://hr.virginia.edu/career-development/education-benefits.