Our Mission

Our Vision

To ensure that postdocs are able to lead fulfilling lives during their time at UVA, maximize their ability to perform high quality research, and promote the exposure of the important work they do to encourage its translation into tangible impacts on society

Our Mission

To develop and host activities, events, resources, and relationships for the UVA postdoc community in order to promote their mental health, physical wellbeing, social interaction, and community engagement.

Our Approach

In pursuit of our mission, the PDA originally embraced a non-hierarchical leadership structure to plan and execute events that support the UVA postdoc community. In 2023, the Association underwent restructuring to promote continuity and ensure that our committees reflected our mission and values.
Under the new structure, 2 co-directors are responsible for managing the committees, interacting with the OGPA, and keeping the Association’s activities consistent with its mission. Committees are comprised of at least one chairperson and members that can either serve continuously or on an ad hoc basis, depending on the level of involvement and commitment desired. The committee chairs are responsible for planning activities and developing resources in support of their specific area of focus with the assistance and participation of their committee members.
The Association will recruit new board members annually to encourage the introduction of new ideas and sustain efforts. Interested postdocs can join the committees at any time to help plan initiatives and get an idea of the work we perform. If interested, they can then join the board leadership team during the annual recruitment cycle. The foundation of our organization rests upon five key committees meant to serve and support all elements of a postdoc’s life. These committees are: Advocacy, Community Building, Diversity & Community Outreach, Professional Development, and Resources & Communications. If you are interested in learning more, have ideas for programming, or would like to serve as a committee member, feel free to reach out to the appropriate chairperson.