Health Insurance

All postdocs at the University of Virginia--both Research Associates and Fellows--are eligible for health insurance through the UVa Health Plan. For a detailed summary of the plan’s benefits and choices for both postdoctoral fellows and research associates, please see the Insurance Section under “Postdocs Resources.”

Enrolling in Insurance for Postdoctoral Research Associates

For Postdoctoral Research Associates, information about how to enroll in health insurance is distributed at the New Employee Orientation session conducted by University Human Resources (UHR) called "Grounds for Success." Research Associates who have additional questions, or who need additional information upon attending employee orientation, are encouraged to call University Human Resources at (434) 243-3344 and schedule an appointment with a benefits counselor.  MORE

Enrolling in Insurance for Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows coming to UVa who wish to enroll in the UVa Health Plan should first reach out to their departments' Research Administrator or Human Resources representative, referring them to the information listed here.
Upon following the steps listed, including the submission of the enrollment request form, postdoctoral fellows should contact University Human Resources (UHR)  by calling 434-243-3344 or emailing [email protected] in order to pick up the enrollment materials for the UVa Health Plan.  Fellows may then fill out this information and drop it off at the front desk of UHR  at their new location, 2420 Old Ivy Rd.